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Domestic & Industrial Lighting Solutions

Partnering with reputed international brands and suppliers, Hayleys Fentons offers customised and innovative lighting solutions in Sri Lanka for a wide variety of applications and clients with diverse requirements and specifications. From the conceptualization and design phase of lighting systems, all the way through procurement to the installation and maintenance, we provide end-to-end lighting solutions in Sri Lanka, and has created a mark in the industry for our lighting solutions over the last three decades.

Hayleys Fentons understands the importance of lighting in all aspects of daily life. From illuminating lives and ensuring safety to improving sustainability and efficiency, light creates endless possibilities. Coupled with rapidly changing technology, the ever-evolving requirements of customers means that it is important to be up-to-date in all our product offerings. At Hayleys Fentons, we keep up with the latest trends in technology and innovation to create the most high quality, long-lasting and energy efficient lighting systems in Sri Lanka.

Energy efficient lighting systems not only improve productivity but also reduce electricity usage which results in lesser operating costs and greater sustainability. Our lighting solutions and systems are specifically designed to optimise energy savings and reduce costs of installation and maintenance for the highest efficiency.

With a team of highly qualified personnel, we aim to become the number one name among lighting companies in Sri Lanka, with a steadfast commitment to trust and excellence. Our decades of expertise accounts for the unwavering trust placed in us by our clients, suppliers and employees.

Our strong network of internationally-acclaimed suppliers (supplying both light fittings and entire lighting systems) ensure that our energy efficient lighting systems are of the highest quality and versatile enough to create a wide variety of both domestic and industrial lighting solutions in Sri Lanka.

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By partnering with the best brands in the world, we provide engineering solutions that helps FENTONS customers take their minds off this space and invest time on running their business.