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Facilities Management Services in Sri Lanka

Running a business requires setting priorities, and facility maintenance is not one of them. However, having a problem-free environment to work in can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the business and its employees. Handover your premises and facilities management services to Hayleys Fentons, one of the most trusted facilities management companies in Sri Lanka, and focus on taking your business to greater heights.

Facilities management includes a variety of building functions, such as cleaning and maintenance, being outsourced to a facilities management company.

At Hayleys Fentons, we believe reliability and trust are key to complete facilities management services in Sri Lanka, and provide end-to-end solutions from infrastructure to housekeeping and technical support. We also offers comprehensive review and maintenance of all MEP infrastructure to ensure that they are of the highest quality standards at all time. Some of our services include total management of front desk/reception, security and housekeeping services, as well as in-depth engineering and technical support services.

We undertake facilities management services of all types of buildings, from business and educational offices to manufacturing and industrial buildings, as well as hospitals, hotels, sporting facilities etc.

What makes Hayleys Fentons stand out from the rest is our commitment towards sustainability and energy efficiency; our customers' utility consumption (water, electricity etc.) is carefully monitored and recommendations are made towards saving resources and energy. We also ensure that all regulatory and compliance requirements are met. Safety and security of property and personnel is one of our top priorities.

Some of the largest companies have selected us among countless other facilities management companies in Sri Lanka.

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