At FENTONS Ltd we value passionate, knowledgeable, innovative and committed individuals who are ready to grow with us. If you want to experience the spirit of one of Sri Lanka's best engineering companies and are interested in working in a dynamic and challenging environment for personal development and career growth, FENTONS is the place for you.

We look at recruiting persons from different backgrounds, including age, education, ethnicity and gender, as we believe that diversity within our organization is required to support our customers and drive business. When working together, we learn to respect each other and find ways to collaborate in order to find solutions towards achieving common goals for the organization.

If you have ambitious goals, we will help you accomplish your career dream by providing exposure to the industry, training and support you need in order to achieve them.

You may apply through our online portal for available vacancies or send us your resume to along with a cover letter to be considered for a suitable position.

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