Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) systems in Sri Lanka are crucial investments nowadays, especially for the business and manufacturing environment, and also for daily use. Activities which are highly dependent on continuous and clean supply of power for data transmission (such as industrial and process control systems) require the support of a UPS to ensure no interruptions. Another industry that requires fail-safe electricity is healthcare; as Sri Lanka is a country that faces power shortages especially during the dry weather season due to its dependence on renewable energy, UPSs supply emergency power in hospitals, thereby providing critical connectivity in life and death situations.

UPS systems in Sri Lanka are becoming more and more commonly found not only in businesses and industries but also in residential spaces, for students, remote workers and freelancers.

Hayleys Fentons has successfully installed over 18,000 UPS systems covering Financing and Banking, ICT, Manufacturing, Health and Medical, Trading and many other sectors.

Due to the high demand in the market, there are many UPS companies in Sri Lanka, supplying UPSs of various capacities and prices. The UPS price in Sri Lanka depend on the capacity and the brand of the UPS. The suitable capacity depends on the power requirements of the machines and devices that will be connected to the UPS.

ENERGYNET has a proven track record of over 30 years in the business of providing Mission Critical Power to essential services like healthcare, IT and banking, leading to ENERGYNET becoming one of the most trusted and sought after UPS providers in Sri Lanka.

ENERGYNET represents GE (USA), ABB (Switzerland) and Tescom (Turkey) power protection portfolio which is a unique line up of UPS, power conditioning and power switching products along with battery storage for various applications.

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