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When it comes to safeguarding lives and property from the destructive effects of fires, entrust your safety to the experts. Our dedicated team of experts has been delivering unmatched fire protection services for years, and our primary goal is to provide you with the best possible fire solutions.
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Fire Safety Solutions Offered
Our comprehensive range of fire safety solutions includes:
Fire Detection
Detecting a fire in its early stages can be the difference between a minor incident and a major catastrophe. We offer state-of-the-art conventional and addressable fire detection systems, ensuring swift and accurate alerts in case of a fire emergency. Our fire detection solutions also encompass:

  • Fire-men’s Intercoms and Fire Evacuation systems to streamline communication and safe evacuation
  • Gas Detection and Warning Systems to detect hazardous gasses
Fire Protection
Fire protection systems aim to protect a building and its occupants while minimizing the damage associated with the fire. Our fire protection systems include:

  • Sprinkler Systems to rapidly extinguish fires by releasing water or other fire-suppressing agents
  • Hydrant Systems to provide a reliable source of water for firefighting
Fire Suppression
Our fire suppression systems are designed to extinguish or suppress a fire as quickly as possible. Our fire suppression systems include:

  • Inert Gas Fire Suppression Systems to swiftly and effectively suppress fire without causing harm to the protected assets
  • Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems to extinguish fires swiftly, leaving no residue behind
  • Water Mist Systems to suppress fires by reducing the heat and oxygen levels around the flames
  • Deluge Fire Suppression Systems to release a large volume of water in response to a fire, ensuring rapid suppression, especially in high-risk areas
At Hayleys Fentons, we are committed to keeping you safe from the threat of fire. Whether you need fire detection, protection, or suppression solutions, our expertise and dedication to safety make us your ideal partner. Contact us today to discuss your fire safety needs and let us tailor a solution that fits your requirements perfectly.
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Key Fire Safety Projects

Trizen Apartments

Total Fire Protection, Detection and Suppression services

Logistics Warehouse, Kotugoda

Total Fire Protection and Detection services for warehouse facilities

ITC One Colombo

Total Fire Protection system in Hotel Tower

Sri Lanka Airlines A320 Hanger Bay, Bandaranaike International Airport

Foam Suppression solutions

Siyapatha Finance, Colombo

Total Fire Protection and Detection services

Hayleys PLC

Total Fire Protection and Detection services
Our Fire Safety Principals
By partnering with the best brands in the world, we provide engineering solutions that helps HAYLEYS FENTONS customers take their minds off this space and invest time on running their business.

At Hayleys Fentons, we recognize the significance of fire/life safety and its components, including fire detection, protection, and suppression. We take pride in our capability to offer highly secure systems that meet both local and international safety standards, while still providing excellent value to our customers.


Detection - Conventional or Addressable systems, Fireman’s Intercom, Fire Evacuation Systems, Gas Detection & Warning Systems


Protection - Sprinkler & Hydrant Systems


Suppression - Water Mist & Deluge Fire Suppression Systems.


Trizen Apartment

Total Fire Protection and detection solutions

Logiwiz Warehouse Kotugoda Phase 01 and Phase 02

Total Fire Protection and detection solution

ITC One Colombo - Fire Protection system Installation

Hotel Scope


Fire Protection system, Suppression system, and Aspiration system

Our Principals

By partnering with the best brands in the world, we provide engineering solutions that helps FENTONS customers take their minds off this space and invest time on running their business.