Our People

We are a winning team that adds value to life through technology-enabled solutions!

The FENTONS team is recognized throughout the industry for their experience and knowledge.

We proudly wear our tag line "Technology You Can Trust". At FENTONS, each employee takes pride in our superior technology delivery and the inherent ability to use that technology to serve our Customers optimally, along with a strong commitment to ethical business practices.

Enduring partnerships with our partners and suppliers spanning over three decades have ensured that our engineers and technically skilled staff are continuously trained and certified with to manage the latest technical trends. Our recruitment and retention policy, spearheaded by our Human Resources Development team, ensures that we strive to attract and retain the best young people suited to our particular business.

Our approach and commitment to continuous training ensures that our technical staff receive both theoretical and practical experience with the equipment they install and maintain.

The values that govern our team are :

  • Innovativeness We possess an innate curiosity and willingness to experiment creating new solutions daily.
  • Energy We have an overriding commitment to run the extra mile to be the winning team
  • Empathy We live like a family with respect and support to enable open communication and career progression.
  • Accountability We keep our promises and get things done; creating trust with everyone we’re dealing with.

The exceptional mix of experience, training, qualifications, and values are embedded in our Team, as evidenced by an average service period of over 10 years for our employees. This fact is apparent in the number of trainee and apprentice technicians that compete to be at FENTONS for the formative years of their careers.

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