Hayleys Energynet introduces Riello Master HE UPS System for improved energy efficiency and reliability.

Hayleys Energynet launches Riello Master HE UPS System for enhanced energy efficiency and reliability

New UPS Product unveiled in partnership with global UPS solutions leader at Energynet Partners Meet

Hayleys Energynet, a subsidiary of Hayleys Fentons, proudly introduced its new Riello Master HE UPS system on September 15th, 2023, in collaboration with Riello UPS (Italy), a global leader in energy-efficient UPS solutions.

In an ever-evolving energy landscape, partnerships play a pivotal role in driving innovation and progress. The unveiling of the Riello Master HE 800 KVA UPS system was the centerpiece of the ‘Energynet Partners Meet,’ an event that convened industry experts, engineers, and key stakeholders.

Hayleys Energynet serves as the authorized sales partner for Riello UPS in Sri Lanka. Adding to the company’s UPS portfolio, the Riello UPS system stands as a pioneering solution in Sri Lanka, distinguished by its higher voltage, ensuring exceptional power quality, maximum protection, and enhanced efficiency.

Hasith Prematillake, Managing Director of Fentons Limited, stated, ” The future outlook for our Hayleys Energynet portfolio remains promising. Through our new partnership with Riello UPS, we are focusing on the energy of the future with secure and sustainable mission-critical power.”

Stefano Sinigallia, Regional Manager of RPS S.P.A, was present at the event to discuss potential collaborations and strengthen the bond between the two companies. Attendees also had the privilege of witnessing the unveiling of the massive UPS during the event, presented by Stefano Sinigallia himself.

“With an exceptionally high growth rate, the Asian market is a key priority for us. With Hayleys Energynet as our valued partner, we will support the market with our latest UPS additions, specially targeting professionals, IT and the industrial sector,” added Sinigallia.

“The Riello Master HE UPS series is geared towards installations requiring high energy efficiency and maximum power availability, ideal for large scale business operations. This series ensures the maximum protection and power quality for data centres and industrial loads. With frequent power outages impacting businesses, our UPS products will be a powerful value addition for business continuity.” added Mahesh Abeywickrama, Deputy General Manager of Engineering Sales at Hayleys Energynet.

About Hayleys Energynet

Hayleys Energynet, is a trusted name in Sri Lanka’s energy sector, dedicated to providing innovative and reliable power solutions to businesses and individuals. As a subsidiary of Hayleys Fentons, the oldest engineering company to be established in Sri Lanka, Hayleys Energynet is backed by 35 years of UPS market leadership of providing mission critical power supported by an excellent service structure. To date, the company has prioritized more than 18000 projects that directly impact critical services, including healthcare, banking, public infrastructure, and essential utilities, thus empowering both businesses and society.

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