Nayak Nowena Nayak

Hayleys Solar introduces ‘Nayak Nowena Nayak’

Hayleys Solar, the renewable energy arm of Hayleys Fentons, is empowering Sri Lankan families to take control of their energy needs with “Nayak Nowena Nayak” – exclusive financial schemes designed to make solar power affordable for everyone.

Given the current economic conditions, electricity bills have become a significant expense for many families. While switching to solar power could easily eliminate this expense, financing remains a challenge, ultimately adding another burden to the family’s monthly budget. Therefore, through the “Nayak Nowena Nayak”, consumers can access financial facilities from top financial partners in Sri Lanka, who provide exclusive rates in collaboration with Hayleys Solar for solar investments. This arrangement allows consumers to pay a low monthly bank instalment, which is less than their current monthly electricity bill. As a result, the savings after paying the bank instalment can be invested in their family’s future whilst enjoying free electricity for 20 years.

Exclusive rates are available from Commercial Bank, Bank of Ceylon, People’s Bank, Sampath Bank, Seylan Bank, CDB, People’s Leasing, and LOLC Finance. Hayleys Solar’s partnership with these trusted financial leaders ensures a smooth, seamless experience, easing this switch to solar.

To calculate the potential monthly savings on investing through ‘Nayak Nowena Nayak’, visit or contact 0112 102 102

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