Hayleys Solar introduces ‘PV-DG’ solution to help businesses

Hayleys Solar, the specialised renewable energy solutions arm of Fentons Ltd., recently introduced a state-of-the-art ‘PV–DG’ solution to the local business sector to help effectively utilize solar energy and minimize fuel costs. The fuel-saving system is specifically meant for businesses that have invested in solar rooftops but continue to face the challenges of increased diesel requirements for generators, amidst today’s drastic shortage and the price hikes.

It is designed to synchronize the solar PV systems with Diesel Generators with the help of a priority controller which can save up to 70% fuel costs depending on the loading of the generator. As the cost incurred for fuel continues to rise, it is estimated that this ‘PV-DG’ system will save businesses over LKR 152.00 per kWh as per the latest fuel prices and will help to significantly reduce and optimize fuel usage at a national level.

A key drawback of on-grid solar solutions is that the solar power system automatically switches off during a power cut,wasting the solar energy that could be generated during that period. Ensuring maximum utilisation of the power generated by the solar system during the power cuts without the use of a battery, the ‘PV-DG’ solution is perfectly designed to assist businesses to combat these energy and fuel-related challenges. The ‘PV-DG’ solution can be conveniently extended across
most commercially available inverter brands.

Mr.Hasith Prematillake, Managing Director of Fentons Ltd., shared his thoughts on this latest solution. “As the power and fuel crisis in the country continues to prevail, it is imperative that we bring alternate, renewable energy solutions to businesses,helping to keep industries afloat and reduce dependency on diesel. As a responsible organisation with a focus on offering efficient energy solutions to our valued clientele, we introduced this ‘PV–DG’ solution to help businesses navigate thisdeepening energy and fuel crisis, sustaining their operations and productivity without hindrance.”

Backed by a thorough data monitoring via the cloud which enables remote monitoring to control the system, this ‘PV-DG’ solution controls the inverter output of the solar PV system. Engineered according to the latest German technology, thecontrollers are manufactured by a company which has successfully completed numerous high-end projects worldwide.The controller also features protection against reverse power which is crucial for the synchronization of a system of this nature.

Mr.Roshane Perera, Chief Executive Officer of Hayleys Solar also commented on this latest introduction. “In the current crisis situation, this ‘PV-DG’ solution will help the local businesses with solar rooftops to sustain their operations effectively, as theconstant power outages greatly impact the cost of electricity generation as well as the production of the solar-powered system. As the market leader of renewable energy solutions in Sri Lanka, we are committed to providing customized solutions that assist our valued customers during these difficult times and in the future.”

With over a decade of market excellence, Hayleys Solar has successfully completed over 75MW of solar installations island wide making it the undisputed leader in Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) companies in Sri Lanka. Hayleys Fentons is driven by a dynamic, energetic, and young team of over 200 BSc. qualified engineers, assuring due diligence and the highest quality standards.

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