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Lights On, Lives Improved: Hayleys Energynet’s Role in Empowering Progress

A conversation with Mahesh Abeywickrama, Deputy General Manager of EngineeringImage of Mr. Mahesh Sales at Hayleys Energynet

As a subsidiary of Hayleys Fentons, the oldest engineering company to be established in Sri Lanka, Hayleys Energynet is backed by 35 years of UPS market leadership of providing mission critical power backed by an excellent service structure. To date, the company has prioritized more than 18000 projects that directly impact critical services, including healthcare, banking, public infrastructure, and essential utilities, thus empowering both businesses and society. Mahesh sheds light on the company’s strengths, how they outpace competitors, and their continued dominance in the market.

  1. Mahesh, it’s quite impressive how Hayleys Energynet offers a wide range of services. Could you explain how you maintain market leadership across this portfolio?
    Our ability to support all segments of society comes from tailored top-tier batteries and UPS systems that align with customer needs. Our comprehensive lineup of UPS solutions includes Line-Interactive, Online Commercial, Transformer-Based Industrial, and Modular UPS solutions. These offerings are the result of robust partnerships with esteemed brands such as RIELLO (Italy), KSTAR, APC Schneider, Vertiv, ABB, Tescom, and DotNet. Similarly, our battery offerings are founded on solid partnerships with reputable brands like CGB and Changhong. Collaborating with industry leaders, segmenting markets, and strategic marketing helps maintain our presence and value proposition.

    To serve the entire island effectively, we have strategically established service points in key areas such as in Matara, Kurunegala and Rathnapura and Jaffna alongside our Colombo Head Office.  We have a skilled team of 25 technicians, 45 technical staff and qualified engineers.

    The technology and business landscapes are constantly shifting, therefore, our adaptability these changing preferences is a key driver of our long-term success. By embracing innovation and continuously refining our offerings, we remain relevant and competitive.

  2. In terms of ensuring customer satisfaction, what sets Hayleys Energynet apart from its competitors?
    What really sets us apart is the reliability, efficiency, and performance of our top-tier UPS systems. These systems are meticulously designed to safeguard critical equipment, even in the face of challenging conditions.

    First and foremost, we have a dedicated customer service team that prioritizes quick and responsive communication. In fact, we’re proud to say that we’re able to address customer complaints within a mere two hours anywhere on the island.

  3. Are there any unique features that Hayleys Energynet offers?

    We’re the only company in the UPS and Battery market that provides the Energynet App. This app serves as a convenient platform for customers to make inquiries or register complaints. We believe this user-friendly approach adds another layer of accessibility and engagement for our customers.
  4. Mahesh, could you share a notable project you have worked on recently?

    Of course. One project that stands out is our installation of a 400KVA Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system for an export company involved in tea products. In order to increase their productivity, we installed an advanced UPS system to provide better input-output voltage and frequency tolerance compared to their previous setup. It proved versatile and ideal for their needs.  The installation ensured uninterrupted operations, reduced downtime, and ultimately contributed to long-term cost savings becoming a critical part of on their business continuity.

  5. Looking ahead, could you share some of the division’s plans for future growth? And how do you envision maintaining your position as the market leader?

    Certainly. Hayleys Energynet has ambitious plans for growth. We’re strategically exploring energy-demanding markets to expand our presence. Innovation is key as we develop new products and establish valuable partnerships within the industry and we’re keen on engaging in educational outreach efforts. These efforts align with our goal of attracting environmentally conscious customers who share our vision.

Reach out to Mahesh at 076 069 6882,

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