Seylan Credit Cards and Hayleys Solar announced the extension of their successful partnership.

Seylan Credit Cards extends partnership with Hayleys Solar to offer 0% Interest Payment Plans on Solar Power Units

To ease financial pressures on society and champion clean energy practices, Seylan Credit Cards and Hayleys Solar announced the extension of their successful partnership.

The extended collaboration aims to provide customers with Easy Payment Plans when purchasing Solar Power Units from Hayleys Solar, Sri Lanka’s No 01, the largest and most trusted Solar Provider, using Seylan Credit Cards.

Amidst rising electricity costs and a growing demand for sustainable energy solutions, Seylan Bank recognizes the importance of supporting customers in their transition to renewable energy sources. The Easy Payment Plans, available at 0% interest now offer unmatched flexible installment options for 3, 6, 12, 24, 36, 48, and even 60 months – allowing customers to convert payments of up to Rs. 3 million into a manageable plan.

Consumers can enjoy an array of potential monthly savings based on chosen system capacity. With a 3kW system, customers can save over Rs. 5,700 monthly. Upgrading to a 5kW single-phase system can bring savings exceeding Rs. 18,700. Opting for the 5kW three-phase version allows a saving of nearly Rs. 15,000 each month. As the system grows, so do savings -a 6kW system translates to monthly savings of over Rs. 25,000, while an 8kW system increases to nearly Rs. 36,000.

Consumers can save upwards of Rs. 50,000 monthly with a 10kW system or exceed Rs. 90,000 with a 15kW system. For larger households and businesses, a 20kW system will translate to monthly savings exceeding Rs. 127,000.

Seylan Credit Cards acknowledges the shift to Solar Power as an essential requirement in the current context. This initiative aligns with the bank’s commitment to identify and cater to the genuine needs of its customers, ensuring a sustainable and cost-effective approach to maintain their living standards.

Ruchith Liyanage, Head of Cards at Seylan Bank, commented on the extended partnership, stating, “We are delighted to continue our collaboration with Hayleys Solar, the leading player in Sri Lanka’s renewable energy sector. This strategic partnership not only reinforces Seylan Credit Cards’ commitment to provide financial assistance but also reflects our responsibility as a corporate that nurtures the environment by promoting renewable energy sources.”

Roshane Perera, Executive Director and CEO of Hayleys Solar expressed, “As the leading EPC company in Sri Lanka, we are delighted to announce the expansion of our successful partnership with Seylan Bank. Together, we stand at the forefront of driving innovation and sustainability in the energy sector, forging a path towards a future powered by renewable resources. With this collaboration, we look forward to the positive impact our joint efforts will have on creating a greener, more resilient, and thriving tomorrow for generations to come.”

Hayleys Solar has played a pivotal role in the nation’s renewable energy drive, supplying over 200MWp of rooftop solar power. Specializing in end-to-end solar power solutions, the company offers island-wide installation, after-sales services, and maintenance for diverse domestic, SMEs, commercial, and industrial needs. Their solar power grids start at an affordable Rs.540,000.

The extended partnership between Seylan Bank and Hayleys Solar exemplifies the synergy between two corporate entities committed to fostering environmental sustainability. By facilitating the transition to renewable energy, Seylan Credit Cards aims to provide long-term benefits to customers, not only in terms of financial savings but also in contributing to a greener and energy- independent future.

To take advantage of this exclusive offer, customers can reach out to Hayleys Solar via their hotline – 0112 102 102 or drop by at any of their Hayleys Solar Experience Centers located in Matara, Jaffna, Nawala, Kurunegala and Katunayake for an in-person consultation. Interested parties can visit the nearest Seylan Bank branch to learn more about the available attractive solar financing options.

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