FOR BRIGHT TIMES AHEAD Hayleys Solar, the Best Solar Solutions Provider in Sri Lanka

With a claim to a heritage spanning over 144 years, Hayleys is a name known for its innovation, expertise and reliability in delivering effective solutions. Hayleys Solar, the leader in providing solar
energy solutions, stands a cut above the competition thanks to its use of cutting-edge technology, amazing aftersales service as well as incredible engineering skill and talent.

Felicitated at the Asian Solar Energy Leadership Awards, Hayleys Solar has also been recognised as Best Commercial Rooftop PV Company of the Year and Best Solar Enabler of the Year, cementing the credibility of its leadership in solar energy solutions.

“Engineering Solutions, led by parent company Fentons Ltd., is one of 16 business sectors of the Hayleys Group,” explained Hasith Prematillake – Managing Director, Fentons Limited.

“In 1919, Fentons was established by a British electrical engineer named Herbert Fenton, before it
was registered as a company in 1921 and handed over to local management before, he returned to the United Kingdom,” he narrated. “Now, under the wings of Hayleys, Fentons mainly operates in three fields; electromechanical installations, ICT, and renewable energy through Hayleys Solar, but
also is a player in facilities management and more.”

“We’ve taken on and continue to handle some of the biggest projects in the country, from many of the largest skyscrapers in Colombo such as the Marina Square project, Colombo City Centre, ITC Colombo and even the Bandaranaike Airport expansion, although most of the ongoing projects have slowed down due to the current circumstances.”

“The best in the country”

“The concept of harnessing solar energy to generate electricity first reached Sri Lanka with the introduction of solar net metering back in 2011,” shared Director, Chief Executive Officer at Hayleys Solar, Roshane Perera.

He noted that it was also during this time that Fentons began introducing solar energy solutions to its clients and customers, and have continued to grow, especially after 2016.

“We had a market share of about 7 per cent in 2018, which has grown to the point where we had a market share of 16 per cent at the end of 2021, and we started 2022 with a goal of reaching 25percent, to which we are currently on track of achieving,” Hasith revealed.

Although having a comparatively smaller market share in the overall sector, Fentons through Hayleys  Solar has proven itself to be the market leader through its vast list of clientele, providing landmark solar energy solutions to leading corporations and manufacturing facilities such as Coca Cola, Brandix, Camso Loadstar, MD, Elephant House, Keels Outlets, Munchee, CTC, SSC, Honda, Dialog, Rockland, Rocell, Melwa, NSB, HNB, Commercial Bank and many more.

“Although we mainly catered to the industrial sector first, in recent times we have also been successful in stepping up efforts to provide solar solutions for domestic use as well,” he added.

Human and intellectual capital

Both Hasith and Roshane agreed that Hayleys Solar has been able to reach this level of trust by both corporations and domestic consumers in an organic way, mainly by existing clients returning for their services and positive word of mouth.

“We are a company that has operated for more than 100 years,” Hasith expressed. “Investing into solar energy is a long-term investment, meaning clients would ideally seek a company that they know will still be standing 20 years down the line.”

Then there is also the assurance of installation in only 10 days after the purchase order, a testament to the capability of Hayleys Solar and a commitment made and met to its customers.

“We also provide the best technology in the market, working with the premier renewable energy brands in the world,” they added. Providing hybrid, on-grid and off-grid solar solutions using the best technology available, Hayleys Solar has made a name for itself in delivering reliability at all times.

Being trendsetters

It is also this highly skilled team of engineers that has helped Hayleys Solar shoot forward to become trendsetters as a solar energy solutions provider.

“We provide as much exposure and training as we can to our team who are actively engaged in finding ways to adapt the latest technological developments to suit the needs of the Sri Lankan market. We also actively encourage all members of staff to pitch suggestions and ideas to help develop new ideas that take us forward, rewarding them in the process as well. Thinking out of the box is something we encourage, and support” mentioned Roshane.

Taking on the future

As the world continues to move towards cleaner energy sources, it will be inevitable that competition will become stronger, something which both Hasith and Roshane look forward to.

“We welcome competition in this space which will drive us to bring the best solutions for the benefit of the consumer. A competitive market will ultimately benefit the industry and the transition to cleaner and more efficient energy for our nation and its citizens.”

The current circumstances are a cause of concern for the constant growth of the renewable energy sector. Swift action at the hands of the government and policy makers is required to ensure Sri Lanka does not continue to fall behind in terms of dependence on imported fossil fuels.

Nevertheless, the team at Hayleys Solar are optimistic of the future and the many opportunities that lie ahead, focusing on innovation and new technology to raise Sri Lankan engineering to greater heights and support the country’s shift towards renewable energy.

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