Hayleys Solar – Leading Sri Lanka’s renewable energy transition with 125MW installed rooftop Solar Power capacity for the first time in Sri Lanka

Hayleys Solar has helped bring sustainability and affordability to the electricity supply in Sri Lanka, now crossing 125MW rooftop solar power capacity amounting to 20%of the nation’s rooftop capacity.

Hayleys Solar, the renewable energy arm of Fentons Ltd, is the number one solar provider in Sri Lanka. Its Director & Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Roshane Perera recently sat down with the Sunday Times to discuss this milestone, the way forward and the renewable energy industry in Sri Lanka

1. Could you give us a brief outline of Hayleys Solar and its journey to become the No. 01 Solar provider in Sri Lanka?

Ever since our entry into the solar photovoltaic (PV) industry in 2011, Hayleys Solar has been at the forefront of the nation’s renewable energy initiative, and today is credited for supplying approximately 125MW of the total capacity of 630MWrooftop solar power installed in Sri Lanka. Today we hold the largest market share as the undisputed market leader in the country and are committed to improving industrial operational continuity and standards of living for our citizens.

The Hayleys Fentons team consists of more than 250 young and dynamic engineers, with over 50 engineers working for Hayleys Solar alone. With their knowledge base and capacity, we are constantly on the look out to innovate and apply the latest developments in the field.

2. As a company how have you been able to address and overcome current challenges especially in the crisis context in the country?

We experienced several major challenges in importing materials and rapidly inflating costs. In this context, we used the existing technology of coupling solar panel systems with batteries for off-grid solutions. The batteries we use are of the latest lithium-based technology, bringing longer lifetime and zero maintenance requirement. This strategy helps consumers evade power interruptions. Cabinet approval has been granted recently for the eagerly awaited tariff revision which is a positive step towards overcoming the current challenges, however, the rates could have been better.

3. Give us a brief of the products and services of Hayleys Solar

Standard solar solutions – Partnering with leading tier-1 solar panel manufacturers, Hayleys Solar systems are fitted with durable and the most efficient solar panels available in the market. We have selected the best-in-class inverter manufacturers and balance of systems suppliers to ensure the highest quality and reliability.

Solutions for power outages – A key disadvantage of on-grid solar solutions is that the solar system automatically switches off when there is a power cut, wasting solar energy that could be generated during the day. The “Energynet” by Hayleys Solar which is an off grid / hybrid solar PV system with battery backup, mitigates this draw back by enabling solar energy to be utilised even during a power outage.

Photovoltaic Diesel Generators (PV-DG) synchronization – Hayleys Solar introduced the fuel-saving PV-DG solution to businesses that had already invested in solar rooftops but continued to face the challenges of increased diesel requirements for generators. It is estimated that this ‘PV-DG’ system will save businesses over LKR 150.00 per kWh as per the latest fuel prices and will help to significantly reduce and optimize fuel usage at a national level.

Hayleys Solar also offers comprehensive Solar Panel installation services, and after-sale and maintenance services.

4.What are the next steps and developments we might see in the renewable energy sector of Sri Lanka? Tell us about the plans of Hayleys Solar for the way forward.

In my opinion, major hydropower is almost fully harnessed in Sri Lanka in terms of renewable energy sources. Therefore, new developments will be seen primarily in solar and wind. With recent changes to the electricity act, investors can develop up to 10MW of renewable energy power plants without experiencing any delays through tender processes.

We see a global trend of Ground Mounted Solar Plants building momentum, where3acres of land can be utilized to generate 1MW of electricity. However, with the limited availability of land in Sri Lanka, we are looking at “Floating Solar Solutions”.

Floating Solar is a proven technology where Sri Lanka can utilize the massive area of our reservoirs. With floating solar solutions, the existing reservoirs can now support the generation of electricity. Pumped hydro storage tech can be powered by Solar Power to cover up the deficit in the night peak requirement of the nation. We are also looking at incorporating large-scale battery systems into our projects.

We are constantly on the lookout to innovate and apply these exciting developments in the field of renewable energy in Sri Lanka.

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