Hayleys Solar Empowers Crystal Martin to Achieve Key Milestone in Renewable Energy Efforts

In a powerful display of collective commitment to address climate change and promote sustainable practices, Hayleys Solar, the leading renewable energy arm of Hayleys Fentons and the country’s No.1 solar provider, joins forces with Crystal Martin Ceylon Group to embark on the second phase of a groundbreaking solar installation project. With a total project investment of $2.5 million and a combined capacity of 4.67 MW, this groundbreaking collaboration is an industry benchmark for leaders at the forefront of championing renewable energy solutions.

Phase 01 of the project has already been completed, with an investment of $1 million and a capacity of 1.9 MW. The commencement of Phase 02, an extraordinary milestone, brings an investment of $1.5 million and a capacity of 2.7 MW.

During Phase 02, Hayleys Solar will spearhead the supply and installation of cutting-edge solar power systems at Katunayake and Wathupitiwala. The Katunayake installation will showcase an estimated capacity of 1,585kW, employing over 2,880 state-of-the-art solar panels. Furthermore, the Wathupitiwala factory will be equipped with a solar system of over 2,090 panels and a capacity of 1,150kW.

These cutting-edge solar installations will augment Crystal Martin’s power generation capacity by 4,672kW. Combined with the achievements of the first phase, the total annual CO2 footprint reduction at Crystal Martin will exceed 4,700 tonnes.

Commenting on the project, Mr. Mark Muller, Country Manager of Crystal Martin Ceylon (Private) Limited said, “We are proud to partner with Hayleys Solar on this key project, which has streamlined operations across our manufacturing facilities. By fully embracing renewable energy, we are taking a significant step towards reducing our carbon footprint and becoming one of the pioneering companies in Sri Lanka to adopt sustainable energy initiatives. We are eagerly looking forward to continuing our efforts to contribute to a greener future.”

Crystal Martin’s commitment to combat the climate crisis and support renewable energy is reflected in its ambitious sustainability goals. The completion of the second phase of the solar installation project reinforces Crystal Martin’s overall renewable energy efforts and sustainability objectives. Notably, the power generated by all these solar systems accounts for approximately 75% of Crystal Martin’s annual electricity requirement at the six factories, demonstrating the project’s substantial impact on their energy consumption and environmental footprint.

The partnership between Hayleys Solar and Crystal Martin exemplifies the collective commitment of industry leaders to address climate change and promote sustainable business practices.

Mr. Hasith Prematillake, Managing Director of Fentons Ltd highlighted the company’s commitment to meeting the country’s solar needs and supporting energy conservation efforts. He stated, “We are dedicated to contributing to the important cause of energy saving during these challenging times and facilitating businesses to transition to renewable energy in the near future.”

Mr. Roshane Perera, Director & CEO of Hayleys Solar, expressed pride in being chosen as Crystal Martin Ceylon’s trusted partner for this significant renewable energy project. Highlighting Hayleys Solar’s expertise in large-scale solar initiatives and its position as Sri Lanka’s unrivaled market leader in renewable energy solutions, Mr. Perera stated, “We are honored by Crystal Martin Sri Lanka’s decision to collaborate with us. With our exceptional capabilities and a skilled team of over 200 engineers, Hayleys Solar is fully equipped to lead the way in meeting the country’s solar demands and driving renewable energy solutions.”

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