Revolutionising Security and Surveillance: Jayendra Fonseka Explores Hayleys Fentons’ Holistic Approach

Over the past three decades, Hayleys Fentons Security and Surveillance has been a leading provider of cutting-edge security solutions for commercial and industrial establishments. The company provides a wide range of services, including CCTV, Intruder Alarm Systems, Audio Video Conference Systems, PA, and Voice Alarm Systems.

Jayendra Fonseka, General Manager of Security and Surveillance at Hayleys Fentons, discusses how and why the company has remained a leader in the industry.

  1. What sets Hayleys Fentons security and surveillance solutions apart from other providers in the market?

Firstly, our strength lies in our long-established stability, with a history spanning over 100 years. As part of the renowned Hayleys Group, currently ranked the number one corporate in Sri Lanka, which carries a brand heritage of 145 years, we have a solid foundation and extensive support.

Through enduring partnerships with leading overseas companies such as Honeywell and Bosch, we enhance our product portfolio and ensure exceptional post-sales support.

However, our greatest asset is our people, who are industry trendsetters. They have vast experience in security and communication systems and are trained and certified by the principal companies.

  1. Can you walk us through the process of designing and implementing a tailor-made security solution for a client?

We specialize in providing tailor-made services to our customers as each requirement will differ from the other. It is something we are passionate about, as simply providing quotations will not be of help to our clients. We offer design and engineering proposals built on expert input, that will benefit our clients. An example of this is the fully integrated fingerprint authentication for voting, conferencing, simultaneous translation and voting displays at the Sri Lanka Parliament.

  1. How does your Central Surveillance Monitoring Service (CMS) work, and what are the benefits of having 24/7 remote monitoring for security systems?

Our Central Surveillance Monitoring Service (CMS) is an essential offering designed to provide our clients with enhanced security for their facilities and properties. Operating round the clock from our headquarters, CMS serves as a centralized hub for monitoring activities and ensuring the utmost safety. With CMS, we establish a seamless two-way communication system that enables prompt action and response in critical situations. This service is particularly valuable for facilities like bank ATMs, where immediate instructions can be relayed when security breaches occur. Clients will benefit from peace of mind, knowing that their assets are under constant watch by our dedicated team of security experts. Whether it’s detecting unauthorized access, identifying suspicious activities, or swiftly responding to emergencies, our CMS will ensure that any potential risks are promptly addressed, minimizing losses and maximizing safety.

  1. Can you elaborate on a challenging security project that your team has completed, and how you approached it

Absolutely! One of our recent challenging projects that comes to mind is our collaboration with Logiwiz Limited, the market leader in 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) solutions. They were undergoing a landmark expansion, and we were tasked with fortifying the security measures of their extensive warehouse facilities. It was quite a time-sensitive project, but we managed to strategically installed a total of 217 HD cameras  across their 455,000 sq-ft of storage space in less than two weeks.

One of the main obstacles we encountered was the tight time-frame. The pressure was on to complete the installation swiftly without compromising on the quality and effectiveness of the surveillance system. To overcome this, we had a highly organized and efficient team in place. We meticulously planned every aspect of the project, from camera placement to cabling and connectivity. Our skilled technicians worked diligently, coordinating their efforts to ensure a smooth and timely installation process.

Also, the installation of a comprehensive CCTV system, including a video wall at the control room, provided Logiwiz with a powerful management tool.

  1. Jayendra, so to conclude, is there any other impressive security service projects your division has undertaken that you would like to mention?

Certainly! We’ve undertaken some truly impressive security projects. One project that stands out is the installation of a fully integrated security system for Ansell Lanka‘s Irradiator chambers. These chambers employ radioactive devices to sterilize surgical products, so we designed a comprehensive system to ensure security and early warning capabilities. We incorporated controlled access, video monitoring, intrusion detection, and even a Gamma Detector to detect any radiation.

Another remarkable project was the implementation of our “Vehicle Hostile Mitigation System” at the Defence Headquarters Building Complex at the Ministry of Defense. Our solution included bollards, tire killers, and top-notch defense-grade vehicle barriers.

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