Nex-Gen Engineering Studio, a one-stop design and visualisation solutions provider

Sri Lanka’s leader in MEP and construction, Fentons Limited, a subsidiary of Hayleys PLC announced the launch of Nex-Gen Engineering Studio, to deliver standardized design and visualisation solutions to clients in the Engineering Sector.

Specialising in design and visualization solutions, Nex-Gen Engineering Studio will be the sole provider in offering a standardized suite of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) technologies, to the market enabling construction professionals and end users to visualise their projects from start to finish, accurately.

This will enable clients to fully comprehend their designs prior to construction, through multiple visual aids. The dynamic Nex-Gen team is the first of its kind to offer a comprehensive solution combining skilled expertise in both engineering and drafting backed by industrially standardized technology to the domestic market.

Hasith Prematillake, Managing Director of Hayleys Fentons said: “Our Mission at NexGen, is to bring value to our customers via innovative designs and engineering solutions. We provide the best for our clients, using the latest technology available to help them bear the tagline “build it before you build it.” Our confidence in this outcome is based on our strategic planning and execution of key initiatives. We are poised for growth in the coming years as we work towards realizing our vision of being the leading CAD/BIM solutions provider in Asia”

Since every element on the drawing is crucial for facilitating tenders, Nex-Gen effectively creates tender drawings based on the specifications and designs supplied by their clients. Next-Gen utilizes licensed software under the supervision of engineering experts to create these drawings. All of the modelers employed by Nex-Gen have been trained by the software providers with the latest industrial standards to ensure highquality output. This combination of expert training and powerful technology allows Nex-Gen to create accurate and detailed tender and construction drawings based on clients’ requirements. These drawings are crucial for facilitating tenders and ensuring the successful completion of construction projects.

“We encourage architects to use the BIM process in modern buildings. It is much more than a technology; it’s a complex design and construction process that helps architects create innovative buildings of the future. This gives significant benefits in the design and construction process, from efficiencies in costs and resources to shorter project life cycles, improved communication and coordination, more opportunities for prefabrication and modular construction, and higher quality results,” Roshani Dharmaratne, Director of Business Development, Hayleys Fentons said.

By choosing Nex-Gen, clients can benefit from a streamlined and efficient solution that includes expert guidance and minimal reworks, resulting in a faster time to market.Nex-Gen’s expertise in the area ensures that they are uniquely qualified to offer a standardised level of service.

Rashmika Samaranayaka, Head of Nex-Gen Engineering Studio said, “We are driven by a dynamic, energetic, and young team of over 40 CAD & BIM Modelers and qualified engineers, assuring due diligence and the highest quality standards. We strive to develop solutions capable of meeting the local and global engineering requirements.”

The business also specialises in value engineering proposals, by optimising designs and enhancing a client’s concept prior to peer reviews.

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