Fentons’ ICT Solutions: Providing Tailored, Innovative, and Reliable Services

1. Can you give an overview of Fentons’ ICT product portfolio and unique selling points?

Since 1977, Fentons has delivered quality ICT solutions to Sri Lankan businesses, including IT infrastructure, network and cybersecurity, data centre and virtualization services, unified communications, open-source applications, and consultancy. We excel at delivering large and complex projects, focusing on digital transformation and innovation in Sri Lanka and beyond.

Our key strengths include a large pool of in-house expertise and strong brand recognition, backed by a heritage of over 100 years and a track record of delivering successful engineering projects. Our partnerships with globally recognized tier-one brands remain unparalleled in the market. Our unmatched partnerships with tier-one brands provide clients customized solutions, increasing productivity and efficiency.

2. Can you describe a challenging project Fentons completed successfully and how they contributed?

We recently overcame a massive challenge to implement the largest SD-WAN network in Sri Lanka.

A leading retail and financial service provider approached Fentons with a need to optimize and manage their WAN connections across their 520-branch network islandwide. The project presented a massive challenge due to its scale and the fact that no service provider in Sri Lanka had ever previously handled such a massive project. The speed of completion was also a challenge, as there was an urgent requirement to complete the project in the shortest possible time to achieve ROI.

Despite the difficulties, we were determined to overcome the challenge and make it happen.

Our expertise and experience in this area allowed us to push the limits and deliver a solution that exceeded all expectations. We provided a fully integrated next generation firewall with advanced security features beyond traditional firewalls and guaranteed edge security. Additionally, the solution simplified and automated deployment for Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), which provides a comprehensive solution that satisfies business requirements and delivers valued business outcomes.

The results were spectacular. The project resulted in a cost-saving ROI of 60%, covering the payback period in less than three years. Following this success, Fentons was awarded similar projects tailored for the BFSI sector, with the most recent project covering 375 branches Island-wide.

3. Can you describe the company’s experience working with diverse clients and how Fentons tailors its ICT solutions to meet each client’s unique needs?

Fentons has amassed a wealth of experience working with 6,000 diverse clients, including government authorities, healthcare, leisure, and large telecommunication service providers that operate around the clock. We understand the importance of providing uninterrupted services and have a nationwide presence to ensure our clients receive the consistent support they need.

We provide tailored ICT solutions by comprehensively integrating systems to meet clients’ needs. With our expertise in automation, business analysis, and solution designing, we develop customized software solutions that provide scalable and flexible solutions to our clients.

Also, we recognize the critical importance of cybersecurity and its direct link to data compliance: data assurance, security, integrity, and compliance with regulations and policies. With the threat landscape changing rapidly, businesses must prepare for emerging risks. Our focus on cybersecurity, cloud solutions, and SaaS (Software as a Service) models positions us at the forefront of this evolving industry.

Cybersecurity can be complex, and many small businesses may not have the resources or expertise to navigate this landscape. We provide education, training, and expertise to help businesses better understand the cybersecurity landscape and mitigate potential risks. Looking ahead, we anticipate significant growth in the security as a Service business. We will continue investing in this area to provide our clients with the highest protection and support.

4. How does Fentons prioritize its R&D efforts to stay ahead of the competition in the ICT solutions market?

Over the next three years, our R&D investment focuses on process automation applications in cybersecurity, IoT, augmented reality, big data, and analytics.

We specialize in developing applications for collaboration, CRM, and digital business transformation applications through expertise in automation, business analysis, and solution design.

5. What key career advice can you give aspiring youth looking to start their career in ICT in Sri Lanka?

Focus on developing your skills in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, and cybersecurity. Continuous learning and upskilling are critical to staying relevant in the constantly evolving ICT industry. By investing in education and skills, youth can increase their chances of success in this exciting and dynamic field.

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