Fentons to enhance Business Services and venture into new horizons: An interview with Sujith De Alwis – Executive Director/CEO

Q) How is Fentons reshaping the engineering services landscape of Sri Lanka?

Hayleys Fentons is widely considered one of the most competent and trusted engineering companies in Sri Lanka with a history of more than 100 years of engineering excellence. The company is well known today for Solar, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), Extra Low Voltage (ELV), Facility Management, Information Communications Technology (ICT), and Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) related solutions. Moving into a new decade, in2020 Fentons refreshed its strategy and moved into different business segments to offer enhanced solutions to customers, ensuring they receive the highest quality of serviceandsupport across all aspects of their business needs. Its services expanded fromtraditionallyknown electrical and fire solutions to air conditioning, plumbing, gas, and more.

Three years later, Fentons has emerged as a leading turnkey solutions provider for MEP- related services in the country. The company has successfully supported a significant number of fire solutions, ICT, and solar projects in the market, making it a trusted partner for clients across various sectors

Q) How can Fentons support corporates that are interested in Facilities Management services?

With large-scale construction activities taking place in Colombo, the need for proper maintenance of commercial buildings and condominiums is more critical than ever before. Although facility management is a growing business sector in Sri Lanka, it has not yet reached its full potential. The enormous growth potential of the facilities management sector presents significant opportunities for Fentons to expand its services. We are uniquely positioned to solve this need, with extensive experience in managing both hard and soft services and catering to clients of all scales. By relieving clients of the burden of facility management, Fentons allows them to focus on their core business while ensuring that their properties are well-maintained.

Our unmatched combination sets us apart from the competition. We are strengthened by well-established partners as well as our own expertly trained personnel. Our reliability lies in the combination of our facilities management expertise and our engineering proficiency.

Facility management solutions encompass specialised engineering services such as electromechanical, swimming pool maintenance, plumbing, civil carpentry, and more. Under property management, Fentons provides maintenance management, project management, and financial management services. Additionally, we provide soft services including housekeeping, waste management, pest control, and gardening. The company undertakes energy and safety management as well.

Q)Today, technology is greatly advancing, how does Fentons cater to the businesses for these developments in the market?

At Fentons, we are committed to aiding clients in identifying suitable solutions to optimize their business operations. The overarching objective is to streamline operations for both businesses and consumers, and Fentons strives to act as a bridge between them through ICT solutions. Our specialised team of professionals develops tailored digital solutions for clients, equipped with the latest technology and know-how.

Our current offerings include networking, Wi-Fi, switching solutions, and more, but we don’t stop there. We are constantly innovating and looking towards the future, with a heavy focus on open-source platform solutions like email and database applications. We understand the importance of network and information security – another significant future focus area.

Q) What is Fentons’ expertise in providing innovative solutions in engineering services, especially in the UPS segments?

UPS is a must for all industries, especially to maintain seamless transitions in production lines and operations in areas affected by power outages. A split-second delay could be extremely costly. Fentons provides UPS solutions through Energynet, a fully-owned subsidiary of Fentons Ltd. Energynet has been in the market for nearly 30 years as a trusted solutions provider. Today we offer a variety of systems from small-scale to 5 megawatts for banking, financial, industrial, health, and other sectors. Energynet provides solutions from three globally reputed brands, including Riello, Vertiv, Huawei, and ABB among others. Our brand network, combined with cutting-edge technology, allows us to deliver scalable and customized solutions tailored to individual business needs. Each brand has an impressive track record within the industry and provides robust products.

The experience and expertise of our engineering team are highly regarded in the industry, among the best in the region and we take pride in this heritage.

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